Boris Johnson is… “The Blob”

May 3, 2012



  He crawls! He creeps! He says reporters talk “fucking bollocks” live on television! Run, don’t walk (and don’t fall over), because Boris Johnson is… “The Blob.” As today’s London Mayoral elections head to the close, it looks like BoJo might be in for another term. According to the latest YouGov polls for the Evening […]

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Why the ICC should prosecute Israel for war crimes

April 5, 2012


Photo credit: Amir Farshad Ebrahimi

I never went to law school. I never thought about doing a conversion course either. A lawyer told me law was boring. Law is boring. But sometimes it can be simple too. This week’s decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC) not to investigate Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza between 2008-2009 has been accused of […]

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George Galloway launches his “Bradford Spring”, but hold the applause just yet

March 30, 2012



I get it. Union bosses are (off the record, of course) saying they’re bracing their members for nine more years of Tory rule. The Labour leader they helped to elect, Ed Miliband, is dawdling in most – if not all – approval polls, and the rest of the party has time and again failed to […]

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Daily Organ: Going Postal in the USA

March 8, 2012


Photo credit: Emily Stanchfield

Three dead in Ohio but “going postal” is just plain boring now. Would gun control stop US school shootings? Buried in the middle of The Times recently, you might have missed the small column on a school shooting in Chardon, Ohio last week. Three students killed, two more seriously wounded, all at the hands of a 17-year-old […]

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Daily Organ: Rihanna, Chris Brown and Pop’s New Feminism

March 8, 2012


Photo credit: Flair Candy

What does Rihanna’s new partnership with Chris Brown say about the music industry and its acceptance of violence against women? The Rihanna-Brown saga has come to an end, in a way. What started with a shocking case of domestic abuse in a roadside Lambourgini in 2009, turned into a restraining order (later lifted), a happy […]

Kony 2012: Please, don’t be fooled

March 8, 2012


chris shultz 3

If you do anything on the back of watching the #Kony2012, the 27-minute viral sensation currently embarassing the world wide web, it’s to investigate exactly where it’s come from, who is behind it and why people have been so taken in by it. I actually find it amazing that people can suddenly care so much […]


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