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Kony 2012: Please, don’t be fooled

March 8, 2012


If you do anything on the back of watching the #Kony2012, the 27-minute viral sensation currently embarassing the world wide web, it’s to investigate exactly where it’s come from, who is behind it and why people have been so taken in by it. I actually find it amazing that people can suddenly care so much […]

Never mind Kavanagh, News International needs a tidy-up at the top

February 13, 2012


The Sun’s Associate editor and rag commentariat, Trevor Kavanagh, launched a staggering diatribe against the treatment of News International journalists yesterday, in the wake of the arrest of five Sun journalists on Saturday. Chief reporter John Kay, chief foreign correspondent Nick Parker, picture editor John Edwards, deputy editor Geoff Webster and deputy news editor John […]

Comment: Troy Davis will become yet another number in the costly human saga of the US’s justice system

September 21, 2011


The continued exercise of the death penalty in 34 US States is a national embarrassment and is endemic of a criminal justice system increasingly racked by hypocrisy and contradiction. Tomorrow Troy Davis will receive the lethal injection for the alleged murder of off-duty policeman Mark Allen MacPhail in 1989, a crime which, it increasingly seems, […]